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I recently purchased a new rifle stock from Stockys Stocks.I had it about 3 weeks before my gunsmith was able to fit my rifle in it.

Well they tell you some fitting may be necessary. What they dont tell u is the milling (cutting) of the stock may be so bad your gun may not fit and it takes so much "fitting" that you will have huge gaps in places there shouldnt be. After calling them for a week someone finally calls me back. They tell me even though the stock was wrong from the start its now mine b/c ive had it for ten days.

even though it was in the box the whole time. Right now i have $165.00 conversation piece!!!! They sell it they should back it up. Anyone looking to customize your gun i caution you about these folks.

They are great at advertising other than that.(THEY SUCK!!!!) I hope this saves some people some hard earned money and a hard time.

Monetary Loss: $165.

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I have purchased 2 Stocks from them.Cold not be Happier.

Awesome fit and looks and Price.Sorry to hear about your expirence.


If Stocky's sends the wrong stock out, of course Stocky's will accept it even after ten days! What you are saying is not correct.

to larry Pueblo, Colorado, United States #1181756

sure they will except it back on your dollar there. then they will charge you shipping for the correct stock back to you.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #742559

You order the wrong stock you get the wrong stock...

I have purchased 6 stocks from these guys and received them all on time and drop in fit...

Longview, Texas, United States #715388

I ordered shotgun stock and cked with their "tech dept", no problem will fit but must be done by gunsmith that does wood work,barrel inlet with be wider because going from 20 to 28 gauge-called Wenig,Simmons gunstocks inc and Macon-guess what? called and asked for referrel to gunsmith-they don't do that-wont take it back,not modified or changed in anyway -yep I am one of their legion of dissatisfied customers

Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #714782

We have used Stocky Stocks to order everything from McMillan stocks to H S Precision...about 10 so far and we wont deal with anyone but Stocky Stock.They are very professional and have given us nothing but wonderful service.

The stocks we have ordered have been exactly what we wanted and have been used to complete our $3000 custom rifles.We would recommend them to anyone and we will continue to use them.

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States #706760

I see a lot of satisfied customer comments, and frankly here goes another....I purchased a stock for my rifle, it came on exactly the day I was quoted, the stock is awsome lookings and feeling.

Prior to instalation I read the literature that informed me I had 10 days to return the stock and if I modified it ... it was mine ...period..... I prompty found my reciever was a bit wide and went to fitting...... after several hours (about 6).

My reciever still wouldn't fit, then for some odd reason I thought to try my dads rifle (same make) ... fits like it was cast for it ....so...

I will be ordering another stock from them for me, because I couldn't bring myself to alter the stock any more, it was to perfect a fit.

My dad gets an early birthday present, and stockys gets 2 happy customers for one order.

Farmington, New Mexico, United States #667985

I have installed STOCKYS GUN STOCKS on several of my personal rifles, and many more on customer's rifles.Most were B&C,and never the slightest problem with fit or shipping and service.

Know your rifle,make/model etc when ordering when you know EXACTLY what you want and need, things will go a lot slicker.

I/E, I have a lot of people want a part for a gun with absolutely no idea of model number.IT HELPS TO KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!


After reading through this entire thread, I ordered, albeit with some trepidation, a thumbhole stock for a Remington 788 from Stocky's yesterday. I selected the 3-day UPS option, but the stock was wainting for me when I arrived home from work today. That's not just fast order processing, that's LIGHT SPEED SERVICE.

Now I'm no gunsmith, but I'm certainly no novice when it comes to firearms in general, and I'd like to think that I could spot a meaningful issue with either appearance or fit, and with the Stocky's stock I cannot detect either. The stock is beautiful, and the installation went as smooth as I have ever experienced with any stock that I've ever dealt with, it was truly a drop-in, ten-minute job.

The only minor fault I can find is a bit of extra inletting around the fore & aft area of the floorplate, and this is very minor, and does not adversely effect function at all. We have to keep in mind that Stocky's (or anyone who mass-produces 'drop-in stocks) has to provide tolerances in certain areas to fit a wide range of manufacturing tolerances even across the same models.

To test barrel clearance, I did the trusty 'Dollar Bill' test, and the bill slid quite easily from the front of the forearm all the way back to the recoil lug, meeting ZERO resistance, even when grasped by only one side. The fit in this area seemed VERY close, and I was sure that I'd be relieving the barrel channel, but that wasn't the case. The fit was EXACTLY as it was...

I just purchased one of the new Savage AXIS rifles in 30.06, which seems to be a fine rifle, but is fitted with a horrendous synthetic stock. If Stock's sees fit to ever offer a stock for the new Savage, I will order one as soon as they become available.


Tom in Florida

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I returned a stock back to Stocky with no questions asked.It had a small defect in it I told the gal who answered the phone and it was very quick.

2 thumbs up for stockys.:)

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